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Spring Clean Up - As winter passes and summer arrives you want your property looking its very best for your friends and family to enjoy. Allow us to ensure that your property is clear of old leaves and debris, and garden beds are properly groomed and edged. This service consists of a full raking and removal of all leaves from your entire property, which will be set to the curb for pick up. Additionally we can also power wash decks, patios, and walkways to remove embedded dirt. This is also a great time to de-thatch your lawn if their is an apparent thatch problem.  




Fall Clean Up - As winter approaches your lawn will soon be full of leaves. As part of our fall cleanup we will perform a thorough raking of your property and remove all fallen leaves and debris. Shrub trimming and tree limbing is also recommended at this time and can be arranged. Similar to our spring cleanup we can also power wash decks and patios if requested.





Spring Planting - Working within your budget let us design the flow of your gardens by planting an arrangement of flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, etc. to ensure your garden looks its very best this season. With a professional horticulturalists on staff we can recommend a wide variety of plants and flowers that will thrive in your individual garden area.




Sodding - Working directly with the top sod farms in Ontario, we installing only premium (Grade A) sod with any of our project. Determining your individual soil conditions, are important factors when undergoing any sod installation. Our staff have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of soil conditions and can ensure your new grass stays health year round. 





Soil Delivery & Installation - This service includes the delivery of soil (Topsoil or Triple Mix) and installation in any or all garden beds, planters, or into an area of your choosing. Nutrient rich soil will improve the overall health of plants, trees, shrubs , and grass. Ideally it is recommended to add soil to garden areas in the spring and fall. However this can be done at any time soil conditions are poor. As a turn key service, we take care of the delivery and all labour required. Compare our prices to other "Big Bag" suppliers where they make you do the work, and you will be surprised.





Mulch Delivery & Installation - This service includes the delivery of Mulch (Red, Black, or Rustic) and installation in any or all garden beds. Mulch is an excellent way to retain moisture in the soil, detour weed growth, and as it slowly decomposes it will releases nutrients into the soil. Landscape fabric can also be placed into flower beds prior to the installation to greater prevent weeds from growth in the garden.

Synthetic (Rubber) Mulch - We can also supply and install Synthetic (Rubber) Mulch if you prefer. Not only great for garden areas but this product is excellent for all child play areas. IPEMA certified this product provides maximum fall height protection, and comes with a manufactures 12 year colour lock guarantee.



Fertilization - Though mulching is an excellent way to return nutrients to the soil not all the minerals that grass requires are found in mulch. Fertilization of your lawn will ensure that your property receives an ample amount nutrient rich fertilizer allowing your grass to grow thick and strong. We recommend fertilizing your lawn 3 times per year (Spring, Summer, Fall) to ensure best results.





Top Dressing - Ideal for patchy lawns, top dressing consists of spreading a combination of grass seed and triple mix over the entire lawn. This also fills in any low spots, increases the natural PH of the soil to create better growing conditions for the existing grass and provides ideal conditions for the new seed to germinate. This also acts as a preventative weed treatment, by thickening the lawn this helps prevent: Crabgrass, Dandelions, Grubs, and also Chinch Bugs.





Aeration - Lawn Aeration can be one of the best treatments for your lawn. Aeration allows oxygen to reach deep into the ground and loosens the soil, which in return creates better growing conditions. Aeration will also deter harmful insects such as white grubs from inhabiting your lawn, as these insects prefer dense compact soil.





Overseeding & Slit Seeding - This is an excellent way to ensure your lawn grows think and full, and is typically performed in the Spring post aeration. However, if patchy areas arise, or your lawn is not as thick as you would like Overseeding can be performed over the summer and even into the fall months.





Eavestrough Cleaning - Over the months, falling debris and leaves can build up in your eavestroughs and if not cleaned, can cause serious water damage. The entire roof will be blown free of any leaves and debris including the eavestrough. All down spouts will be inspected and any debris removed. All debris will be bagged and set to the curb for city pick up.





Shrub Trimming - Properly trimming bushes and shrubs ensures overall vitality and removes any dead or dying branches. Trimming shrubs also ensures that they do not overgrow their designed areas. It is recommended that no more than 30% of any shrub be removed at any time. Performing regular maintenance on shrubs and bushes ensures fullness, and reduces the likelihood of disease. Shrubs can be trimmed to offer a natural shape, or for a more dramatic appearance, formal shaping can be performed to give the property that extra aesthetic appeal. We recommend that shrubs be trimmed a minimum of 3 times per year depending on their conditions to ensure proper overall health.




Tree Service - Trees are an important part of any property, and must be maintained to ensure overall health and safety. Whether its removing dead limbs to prevent future damage, or pruning a tree to reduce crowding, tree maintenance is one of the most overlooked areas on a property. By having an Arborist onsite we can quickly assess damaged or diseased limbs and can recommend their removal. We recommend that most pruning be done in the early spring or fall. However we are available 24/7 for emergency service.




Interlock Restoration - Unfortunately as the years pass interlocking fades and day to day wear and tear becomes apparent. Refresh the look of your interlock with this service. This process can take up to a full day where a high pressure power washer is used to remove all sand, debris, stains, and weeds. Polymeric sand is reapplied and brushed into all the cracks followed by a sealer application to revitalize the colour of the brick.





Lawn Maintenance - As one of our premiere services on a weekly basis your lawn will be cut and trimmed as needed. All clippings and debris will be blown off your driveway, walkways, patio, deck, etc. The season commences April 1st and concludes the final week of October. This will ensure that your property is looking its best all summer long, and give you more time to spend with friends and family. Using only commercial grade equipment we have the tools to handle any size property.




Snow Plowing & Salting - We provide exceptional response times in even the most severe weather. With snow and ice being a great concern for most during the winter months, Boyer Property Management Inc. has made it a primary focus to ensure that all clients have their property clear of snow and ice. With a range of capable vehicles in our fleet we are well equipped to handle any amount of snow fall.

Salting Service - Salt may also be applied if requested to prevent ice from forming, or assist in its removal. Boyer Property Management Inc. ensures that your property is covered 24 hours a day 7 days a week including all holidays. We also carry a wide rage of de-icer products if salt is not your preference.



Landscape Lighting - Can be a great way to add some additional ambiance to your property while also adding additional security. Most do not realize the additional security that landscape lighting can provide. While there is no guarantee that a well lit property will prevent crime, lighting is an excellent deterrent to prevent malicious activity. Whether you are looking to add: up-lighting, down-lighting, area or flood lights we can provide you with a wide range of styles to fit your taste and budget.  




Interlocking - With many landscaping projects, interlocking almost always plays some role in the design. Whether its building a retaining wall, a patio to barbecue on, or installing an entire driveway we have the knowledge and skill to take on any size project with amazing results. We supply and install a wide range of various manufacturers of interlocking stone such as: Oaks, Best Way Stone, Unilock, Permacon, Techo-Bloc, and Navascape.




Decks & Fencing - With a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, we offer our clients the very best in both materials and construction. Whether you wish to incorporate glass railings, or rod iron, we have a range of styles for you to choose from to create an outdoor experience that you can truly enjoy to its fullest. We are also happy to install fencing around pools, or around your property to give you some personal space and privacy.





Landscape Construction - Working everyday in a variety of different landscape fields we have extensive knowledge in/of: Interlocking Stone, Retaining Walls, Excavation, Grading, Concrete Forming, Masonry Work, Demolition, Aggregate Installation, Waterproofing and Weeping Tile, Drainage, and Synthetic Turf Installation.



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